Monday, September 11, 2006

What an insult to our intelligence!

The Sydney Morning Herald reports a stunning new government initiative - that's years behind the times!

A prepay cashless bus service between Bondi Beach and the city will be introduced next month in what is being billed as the way to help speed up travel times.

The 333 bus will run every 10 minutes on the popular 380 route and is expected to lead to future trials of cashless buses in an attempt to get buses moving to the city more quickly.

In Singapore they've had smartcard buses and trains for years.

Hop onto the bus, tap your wallet on the reader and it logs you in. When you get off the bus you tap another reader. Bingo, quick, easy, no unnecessary delays for the bus.

I don't know how true it is but people there have told me it's an Aussie development.

At least some people here understand. The report goes on: The transport expert Ken Dobinson, a former head of the Roads and Traffic Authority, welcomed the initiative but said it was a "half-measure".

He said the Government had failed to introducing smartcard tickets for trains, buses and ferries, which would be much more beneficial for travel times.

Our transport is a sick joke, the management of it, investment in it, is a disgrace. Now the government's bragging about introducing decades-old systems!

Cashless buses to cut travel times

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