Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inland desalination plants!

This is madness. Utter stupidity.

From the Central Coast Express Advocate Where's the briny?...

ONE of four controversial desalination sites proposed in the Gosford area is more than 10km from the ocean...The site, along with two others, fronts estuarine water, not the ocean...The Gosford-Wyong Joint Water Authority will meet today to discuss the recommendations made by its technical advisory group.

Tecnical Advisory Group? They sound as competent as other advisory groups and consultants who've come up with unbelievably stupid reports in the past. The Haven project was another doozy. They had to keep us safe from falling rock - which was so solid they had to dynamite it.

I can't believe that even a council and its advisors can be this stupid or ill-informed. They must be taking the piss, surely.

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