Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So very true about JWH

Mungo MacCallum begins a tribute to Don Chipp with a short but oh-so-accurate summing-up of Our Great & Fearless Leader:

DON CHIPP was an idealistic Liberal. Nowadays that would be a contradiction in terms; in these unforgiving times idealism is not a quality fashionable in Australian politics, and particularly not in the Liberal Party.

The qualities John Howard admires and demands from his followers are ruthlessness, single-mindedness, the killer instinct; he is interested in results, not ideas. Idealism is best left to the do-gooders and bleeding hearts; it might rate a ritual mention on special occasions such as an election policy speech, but it has nothing to do with Realpolitik.

No vision, no compassion, just ideology and winning politically.

The full tribute is in Sydney Morning Herald

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