Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Money wasted on Surf Clubs

Multi-million dollars are being thrown away by Gosford City Council on competely unnecessary Surf Clubs, duplicating others just a few hundred metres away.

I have no quarrel with council money going towards facilities that are necessary to give protection to swimmers. For true surf lifesaving activities.

But we're paying for duplicate and costly facilities only a few hundred metres apart.

On the Central Coast we have totally unnecessary clubs being built on beaches which already have a surf club. Examples are Terrigal & Wamberal, Avoca Beach & North Avoca.

Here's a report from the ExpressAdvocate:

New surf club worth the effort

GOSFORD ratepayers have been thanked for their contribution to the new Avoca Beach Surf Club.

The surf club was officially opened by Gosford Mayor Laurie Maher on Thursday.

Club president Garry Clarke said the new building was a true community effort.

"It would be remiss if I did not thank the ratepayers of Gosford city because this was a result of paying a levy. We respect and acknowledge what they have put in,'' he said.

The $2.2 million surf club was financed through a council water safety levy which will pay to rebuild six of the Central Coast's ageing surf clubs.

What it doesn't tell us is that there's a new Surf Club already there, just a few hundred metres along the beach at North Avoca.

On the next bay too, Terrigal with one sweeping arc of a beach, there is no need for more than one clubhouse.

In both cases there only needs to be one clubhouse. The rest of the beach needs only a watchtower, serviced from the main clubhouse.

Lifesavers could easily go out with their equipment in the morning from one clubhouse to position themselves at a watchtower a few hundred metres away.

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