Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another one gone

Ten and counting.

A tenth NSW Liberal politician has been exposed by ICAC as taking 'donations' illegally and has gone to the crossbench.

They should of course be going to jail, not the crossbenches.

It's corruption, plain and simple. 'Donations' is code for bribe. Politicians in the pockets of big business, in it for themselves at the expense of the rest of us, and often the environment.

As we ordinary voters have long known, developers routinely bribe politicians and officials in order to facilitate approval for dodgy developments.

As a result the country is full totally inappropriate developments, built at hugely inflated costs.

Sydney Morning Herald reports here.

Bizarre verdict

Someone's in your bathroom behind the closed door.

You get your gun, loaded with hollow point bullets which are designed to cause maximum injury, and you quite deliberately fire four shots through the door.

The person inside is killed

That has to be murder doesn't it?

The judge in the Oscar Pisorius trial says it's not.

I'd demand a retrial.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Appropriate sentence

For once a court seems to have got the sentencing of a criminal something approaching appropriate for the crime.

Go back two and a half years to the day that three innocent people were killed by a drugged-up truck driver, which I posted about at the time.

Vincent George killed them when he crushed their little Ford Mondeo with his huge B-double truck. He's a serial offender, found guilty many times of drink driving and speeding, and he'd been banned from driving five times already.

On the day of the accident, he was high on illegally obtained methadone, was speeding and had been driving for the past 22 hours with a break of only 4½ hours.

He first tried to put the blame on an L-plater in front of him. Then he offered to plead guilty to a charge of dangerous driving occasioning death. Sensibly, that was rejected by the Crown. He was charged with three counts of manslaughter, and guilty is the verdict.

He was sentenced to 17 years in jail with a non-parole period of 12 years and nine months.

Whoever at his employer, another serial offender,  Lennons Transport,  gave him the job should be charged too, with aiding and abetting.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nasty Aussie expats

For a few years now there have been sightings of red back spiders in Dubai, and now they're apparently appearing in Abu Dhabi. So maybe they're all over the UAE now.

Pretty but nasty little critters, the females' body is only about 10mm long (the male is less than half the size), glossy black with a bright red stripe.

They're amongst our most dangerous spiders, although an antivenom is available and as a result there haven't been any deaths here for about half a century. Press reports say that UAE hospitals have it available.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Another lie exposed

"Carbon Tax is gone! Repeal will save average family $550 a year, Abbott says"

The claim that Abbott's been making since before the election is the main headline at   The Australian Conservative.

Not only a claim, but something that obviously influenced some, uninformed, people to vote for him.

The reality of course is nothing like the claim, as confirmed by the letter I received today from my energy supplier.

I quote: "...this equates to estimated savings for an average New South Wales customer of $158 for electricity and $35 for gas over this 12 month period."

 That's way less than half the amount he untruthfully said we'd save. But don't hold your breath for him to explain himself.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pell true to form again

The appalling Cardinal George Pell proves yet again how unsuitable he is, and all his like-minded colleagues are, for high position in the church.

At the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sex Abuse, appearing via videolink from the Vatican, his comments were true to form.

His church has no responsibility for its employees' (priests) actions he said.

To support that the said: “If the truck driver picks up some lady and then molests her, I don't think it's appropriate, because it is contrary to the policy, for the ownership, the leadership of that company to be held responsible.”

Not surprisingly, after an inevitable pause as people gaped open-mouthed and had to do a double take to make sure they'd heard correctly, there is outrage.

 Dr Cathy Kezelman from Adults Surviving Child Abuse said the "outrageous" and "appalling" analogy could do a lot of damage.

Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests said: "He shows that he really has absolutely no conception of what is appropriate or inappropriate behaviour and what are appropriate or inappropriate things to say to survivors. It was a highly offensive comparison and showed that, at the end of the day, all he was concerned with was protecting himself and making excuses for behaviour that is inexcusable."

The Australian Trucking Association said Cardinal Pell had insulted every truck driver in Australia.
"There are more than 170,000 professional truck drivers in Australia," the chair of the association, Noelene Watson, said in a statement. "They have families and children. Cardinal Pell's analogy is a deep insult to every one of them."

 It's water off a duck's back of course. He and the heirarchy simply don't get it, don't care and just want what they've always tried to do - sweep it under the carpet.

Further to that, his employers at the Vatican have refused the Royal Commission's request that they hand over the files of Australian priests accused of sex crimes.
THE Vatican said the commission's request for documents on each allegation involving an Australian cleric was "neither possible nor appropriate".

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spinning like a top

Premier Mike Baird has popped has head above the parapet, obviously after panicky damage-control meetings of the Lib's heavyweights.

But what a cock-up.

They've decided not to put up candidates for the two by-elections caused in the Hunter by corrupt sitting members having to resign.

The excuse is that it's an act of atonement for letting down the electors.

In reality, of course, it's to avoid the humiliation of a complete rout on polling day, which is too close to the next state election for their comfort.

What it actually tells us is that they can't find honest candidates or trust their faceless men not to repeat the corrupt practices.

And it's hardly democratic, denying rusted-on Liberal voters the opportunity to vote for their preferred party. With our compulsory voting, who are they going to vote for?