Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Put up or shut up

I've long said that business is full of frightened men. Frightened to make decisions in case they lose their well-paid jobs.

Our federal government is proving itself to be the same, time and time again.

The culture is set at the top, with the Prime Minister  terrified of losing the leadership of the party - again - and living in fear of the extreme right.

Today's example is that of Josh Frydenberg, Minister for Environment & Energy. On radio he announced that the government would be considering an emissions intensity trading scheme (political claptrap for a carbon tax).

Extreme right wing mouthpiece Cory Bernardi, of no senior position,  immediately jumped in said it wouldn't happen.

Within 24 hours the PM was waffling on about party policy, hung Frydenberg out to dry so he had to deny he'd said what he'd clearly said.

It's pathetic. It's embarrassing for the country.

The far right is ruling, but from a minority position and without the responsibility of being in power.

Time for them to put up or shut up. To show some guts, unseat Turnbull, put their own man back in charge, whether it's Abbott, Bernardi or someone else, and see how the electorate rates them.

I have no doubt it'll be the same as when Abbott was PM, they'll crash and burn.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Under ex-lawyer for the Murdoch empire, Michelle Guthrie,  the Murdochisation of 'our' ABC is well on track. And she's done it in only six months.

It's a conspiracy theory you say?

The facts tend to suggest otherwise.

Her first speech as MD was at an event put on by The Australian - a Murdoch paper.

The far-right conservative and ex-Murdoch employee Tom Switzer has been given an extra radio show, while other staff - and many programmes - have been axed.

Former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams has been given a radio show starting next year.

Now she's hired Jim Rudder, a veteran Murdoch consultant, to help restructure the ABC.

Rupert will be pleased. And I bet he'll reward Guthrie well at the end of her ABC gig.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Government screws us again

Our state government's dodgy deals are being revealed at least weekly. Looking after their mates in the big end of town at the expense of the rest of us.

Today's reveal is about additional largesse to Macquarie Bank relating to the Martin Place metro station development.

We already knew the government had decided to demolish a small art deco building, which consists of privately owned apartments, while retaining the much larger and uglier building adjoining it. That  just happens to be used by Macquarie Bank to store bicycles and lockers for staff who work at the bank's adjoining Martin Place headquarters.

The previous (Labor) government's plan for the station had this building down for demolition but Baird's mob changed that. The new metro site instead dog-legs around the Macquarie property.

Smell a rat?

A compulsory purchase order was slapped on the heritage-listed apartments and, when negotiating compensation, owners say they were told the air space had no value.

It's now revealed that in February this year, Macquarie put in a proposal to develop the air space into a high-rise building.

A lawyer acting for landowners affected by the metro project is quoted in Sydney Morning Herald summing up this government's modus operandi  perfectly:

"The process has been highly irregular and they have not been transparent".

Yep, that's the way our state government does things.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

How to upset customers

I really don't like something I've noticed recently when staying in hotels. Not only do I not like it, it's absurdly bad marketing and customer relations.

Room service meals now have a delivery charge added to them as a separate item.

Oh come on! That's like a restaurant charging for the waiter to bring your meal from the kitchen to your table.

I worked in hotel marketing for years and we would never have done that.

If you want to up the price, for heavens sake just add it to the cost of the meal. Don't infuriate the guest by showing meal delivery as a separate cost.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Multicultural gulls

We were in Sydney overnight, went to the theatre in the Opera House, and had dinner at a harbourfront Chinese restaurant.
We discovered it isn't just chips the gulls like, they obviously have a taste for Chinese food too.
Waitress delivered the first two dishes, had barely left the table when a gull dived in at it.

I flapped my arms and he veered away, at which point the waitress arrived back with covers "to keep it safe from the gulls" she said.

And that's how it had to stay throughout the meal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Only in Oz!

A woman has just phoned in to ABC Sydney 702 radio to take part in the evening quiz.

Chatting before the question was asked, the presenter asked how her evening was going. She said she had a tiger snake in her kitchen and was waiting for a snake catcher to arrive.

"A poisonous snake in your kitchen and you're calling in to join the quiz?!"

"It's OK, it's not doing anything" she said.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Suddenly I can use blogger again

It's been impossible to get into this blog for months.

I was signed in but when I hit Dashboard the next screen told me that I was not the author of any blogs. When I tried to re-sign in it told me my user name was invalid.

I got on the forum, was given new links but they gave me the same results.

Then, without doing anything, I tried to open the blog again today and, hey presto, the header had changed itself and gave me the options of Design and New Post.

It's the same old problem of successful companies being swallowed up by a handful of massive conglomerates, who then stuff it all around by linking all the companies they've bought and changing the way each one had worked.

Scanning through the blogger forums I see endless complaints about the changes - basically they've changed the very reason the site they bought was a success.

We get endless changes so that the company can link all its acquisitions to maximise usage, and change for change sake. If webmasters didn't keep "improving" things, they'd be out of a job.